Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day Five of the Kick Off

Part One

Today’s Meal Plan and Recipes

Breakfast: Cereal and Fruit
Lunch: Creamy Broccoli Soup
Snack: Mango Delight Smoothie
Dinner: Hearty Chili Mac

Ok, vegetarians, vegans and wanna-be's, this is the meal plan emailed to me today from PCRM.  Already I'm going to vary it.  I'm having -- at this very moment -- my Smoothie instead of theirs (Lite Chocolate Soymilk and Banana) simply because I don't have any mango in the house.

I have the ingredients for Carrot and Red Pepper Soup, so will make that instead for lunch.  And I did get the stuff for Hearty Chili Mac, so that will be dinner.  (Ooops, I forgot I'm going to a neighbor's for cocktails at 5:30, so I'll have to eat beforehand so I don't munch too many appetizers....and I promise not to eat cheese and crackers!)

I'll review the recipes later tonight in Part 2 of this post. 

(Remember, you can get all of these recipes and more through the PCRM website.)