Saturday, March 13, 2010

Problem - Solution

Reading is good, right?  We should encourage a love of reading with our children and read all kinds of materials, shouldn't we? 

I began my love affair with reading as a very young girl and relished my weekly library trips, returning loaded down with volumes of fiction.  I still remember tackling A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, thinking it the thickest novel ever and finishing it by reading half an hour every night before I had to have "lights out" during high school.  In my adult years, I devoured psychology books and non-fiction.  Now I find almost anything and everything I am interested in reading at my fingertips.....the internet!  (And still get my fiction from the library or bookstore.)

The only downside I can think of about loving reading is that I could read all day long, inside, never seeing a single soul and become a hermit.  And for someone who loves the company of people, that's a big downside.

So when I get into those "reading mood" days now, this is what I do:

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And it's really quite nice outside, too:

So while I can enjoy my reading, I can still feel almost outdoors and also strike up conversations with other coffee shop patrons, hence, my "people-fix" at the same time.  I can head home after an afternoon at Starbuck's, feeling I've been out in the world, a part of the human race, and satisfied.

Hooray, It's Daylight Savings Time Again!

It's 6:09PM as I begin this (CST, as the Panhandle isn't on EST....weird, huh?) and the sky is still light from the sunset, which, by the way is centered through my screened porch now, having shifted more west since I first arrived.

I'm very excited, as tonight we "leap forward" versus "falling behind" with our clocks!  To me, the advent of daylight savings time means s-p-r-i-n-g, no matter what the temperature.  And as we are solidly in the 60's at last, with mostly sunshine and fewer rainy days, we are there!  The other day it was low 70's even!

So Happy Daylight Savings, everyone, no matter where you are (that is, unless you are in one of the states that doesn't "do" DLS....I forgot which ones those were....sorry!)  So just Happy Almost-Officially Spring to the rest of you!

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