Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grand Boulevard

Grand Boulevard is a shopping, dining village adjacent to Sandestin, along the Emerald Coast Parkway.  It is where I grocery shop at Publix, and I can easily ride my bike here in 10 minutes or so if I want to pick up a few things and take them home in my bike bag.

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Favorite Ice Cream Shop

Upscale, yummy restaurant adjoining the clothier....


Even the parking lot is pretty!

Spring Has Sprung.....Some More

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I included this one just because I think the fountain and Spanish-style townhouses are very pretty.

And this one because the biking is so lovely in Sandestin.

Just one of the ponds on the resort.....

I love the mix of "Northern" greenery alongside the many palm trees....

Even the grass is greening up now!

Never a shortage of pretty places to sit and meditate.
Even the main road, Emerald Coast Parkway (#98) is beautiful....enlarge this one for sure!

Windy Fun

Wow, was it windy today!   Too windy to try biking and not much fun to be walking either.  So the sport of the day was windsurfing.

Not me, silly.


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With waves like this, it was scary watching them!  And the red flag was out on the beach....