Monday, April 12, 2010

80 Degrees and the Beach

It hit 80 today!  Didn't swim, because the purple flag is up (meaning dangerous marine life...stingrays and the such) but did watch others risking it while I lunched at the Hilton's outdoor restaurant next door to my resort.

Shrimp wraps and fresh fruit!

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Ships in the distance

Sundeck and restaurant


My granddaughter would love the pink umbrellas!

Sparkling water

Spring Breakers Gone?

Since this is my first winter experience in the Panhandle, I don't know if the missing crowds I saw yesterday signals that spring breakers, for the most part, are gone now or if we have one more week of them.  I'll find out when I venture out today.  But it sure is nice to have the place to myself again. 

Witness the 2PM lunch I had at Hammerhead's in Baytowne Wharf yesterday.  Yep, the guy still sang his Jimmy Buffet and other songs from my generation for about six of us.  What a nice relaxing lunch it was!

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Our entertainer

I counted only ten others there at this time.

Hammerhead's on the music daily.