Monday, March 1, 2010

Mediterranean Menus

A new venture is about to begin. 

I'm still using some vegetarian dishes from my last cooking foray, and have even added more healthy stuff.  For instance, I've taken to making my own version of guacamole (one ripe avocado, tons of chopped tomatoes for volume, tons of fresh cilantro, chopped onions, some fresh lime juice, cumin and a pinch of sea salt) and eating it on toasted pumpernickle bread slices as breakfast.  Yes, I know it has fat, but it's the good (monosaturated) kind.  And pumpernickle is one of the good breads.  I eat this nearly three of the seven days of the week.

But lately, I've been rereading Mediterranean recipes and am anxious to make my own Allioli Sauce, Pesto Sauce and pasta/veggie dishes.  All the foods comprising the Mediterranean way of eating I love and in proportions I think would suit me:  50% carbs from veggies, legumes, whole grains (and fruits, but I'm not a big fruit eater);  35% from healthy fats, oils, nuts;  15% from protein sources such as chicken, fish, turkey, eggs (and I've lately discovered tempeh, which I love marinated.)  Those healthy fats really make you feel satisfied and less prone to grab junk.

So this shouldn't be too hard to stomach (pun intended :))  Having left my Mediterranean cookbooks at home (so many cookbooks, so little cooking...) I will be gathering recipes from the internet.

I'll be posting the dishes I make, as I did with the tofu recipes.  Stay tuned! 

Morning Moon

Woke up at 5:30AM to see the moon hanging low outside my window.  Just wanted to share.

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