Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Try,Try Again

I keep trying to capture the vibrancy of the sea color here on camera and failing.  I guess my little palm-sized, 10-year-old camera just isn't capable.

Today at lunch, sitting by the window, I caught this close-up and thought it was cute (click photos to enlarge.)

My shot of the sea color:

Online shot of the sea color:

See where the "P" is in "Property?"  That's where "my" beach is this winter.  The photo shows most of the beach side of Sandestin Resort, bordered by the Gulf on the south and the bay on the north.  Bayside is even larger, but from this angle doesn't look it.  If you draw a straight line from that "P" up to between the road and the bay, that's where my rental is this winter.