Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

At the urging of a couple of blogger friends, I'm back.  But I need to find a focus about which to blog.  I just reread my last year of posts, and even I am bored.   

To fill in the missing time, I've been in Atlanta for three months, renting a little unfurnished apartment near my son's family, which I had fun furnishing with a few Craig's List items and Goodwill finds.  To think I made three trips, a week each, to the North Carolina furniture malls to furnish my newly-built house back in the '90's only to give half of that stuff away when I downsized twelve years later...not the best financial move when I discover that you can find some really nice stuff on Craig's List...especially dining room furniture, some of the most costly to buy.  I happily discovered I didn't need that much and lived simply with a bed I'd bought for my son's guest room, two little nightstands I found on Craig's List, a borrowed TV, and three chairs, two chests in the living room, a few lamps, and silk plants and picture frames from Goodwill (.99 - 4.99 each.)  Didn't even need a table and chairs for those months!

(Click photos to enlarge) 

So I'm back to blogging (maybe.)

If I can find a focus.

I don't really want to do the random thoughts thing anymore.  I'd love to do an "all travel blog."  I blogged a bit about the Panhandle when I stayed the winter there last year, and about my son's area in northeast Atlanta, and about my city condo and suburban place.  But I don't really "travel" anymore.  Did a lot of that in my 30's and 40's, and now prefer to "relocate" during the winter months.

Also blogged a lot about my biking passion.  But haven't been able to bike the last couple of months here in Atlanta, as it has been way too cold.

Tomorrow I go to Florida. 

Maybe I'll think of a longterm topic there.

(If you are still reading me, I wonder why....just a glutton for punishment?  But thanks, glad you're here!)