Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shhhhhhh, quiet please.

Even though this year I thought ahead and brought down an entire box of books from home (books I've read and want to reread and books I've only partially read), I still felt the need to know where the Destin Library was.  So this morning after breakfast, I found it very near the spot in which I ate.  It's really fairly charming.  (Click away...)

Walk up to the front doors and....

have a chat with Mark Twain.

Or "set a spell" yourself on the library porch....

and gaze at the landscaping....I just love this pink ornamental grass they have down here!


To entice my son to bring down the of parts of the two golf courses on the Sandestin property.  Pat, are you reading this?  (Click photos to see details/golfers much better)

Watch your slice, because there's water everywhere!

My favorite view...see the bay in the distance?

How's this for sand traps?  (Click to see it up close!)

Totally "Un"chronological

Looking through photos tonight and wanted to share Halloween '09 photos of my sweet Madison (4) and Cayden (2 1/2).  That's all.  Totally out of chronological order, but who cares!  (Thanks for the photos, Kate!)  By the way, these don't enlarge when clicked upon.

Grandchildren..............couldn't you just eat them up?  They are so delicious!

My New Find

How can it be that beach areas have so few restaurants on the beach?  Or even with beach views?  I encountered this situation the years I spent winters in the St. Pete/Clearwater area and am finding it true here in the Panhandle, too.  Sure, there are a few, but way too few to have much of a choice (in my not-so-humble opinion) when daily breakfast out is one's desire.  (Coffee, my every day crossword, and people-watching always get me going.....)

Add to that fact that it is not high season here anymore and many places are closed or will be closing for the winter, and the pickin's get slim, Slim!

So imagine my delight upon finding a little eatery on the water in Destin this morning.  It's a very casual place, but with $3.99 breakfast, I know I'll become a regular there.  (Click now you know the photos are always better bigger!)