Saturday, January 15, 2011

On NellJean and Hot Tubs

It only takes one.  One new reader with encouraging words.  "Just blog.  Blog about everyday life."  Thank you, NellJean.  I needed that.  (Animation of a face being slapped.  Wasn't that an old commercial for, what, aftershave?)

Ok, so here I sit in my rented winter condo on Miramar Beach in the Panhandle of Florida watching football playoffs for Super Bowl 2011.  A perfect day:  Breakfast at Another Broken Egg, biking in sunny 56 degree weather, sunset cocktails, dinner out, football playoffs...and it isn't over yet...late night hot-tubbing to come.

(Click photos to enlarge)

More everyday life to come....but NellJean, I hope I can come up with some interesting stuff....didja see my Destin blogging from last winter/spring?