Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fox and Obel

(Click photos to enlarge)

The gourmet grocery store down the block from my city place is one of my favorite places to have breakfast or just sit and people-watch.  There's a little cafe along the street to watch people passing by and another in the back on a canal that leads out to Lake Michigan.  Both are nice to spend time in.

 And now the new park is finished with benches, a water feature, a dog park, and some lawn expanse for kids to play frisbee.


Just a note posted to say I've been lax about blogging lately, because I've been fighting strep.  For the last few weeks, I've had days where I've been tired, taken two-hour naps (I don't nap!) and had a sore throat (all since the flu I had late May) yet I've had some days where I've felt energetic enough to bike 10-20 miles.  It has been very confusing.

I finally went to my doctor and was diagnosed with strep.  How odd.  Haven't felt that sick.  On meds now and hoping I'm up and running in no more than a week. 

Meanwhile, I'll try to find something to post about.