Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Found 'em

Ok, Noreen, I took your advice and went searching this afternoon.  By car.  I'm such a great detective.  Happened to notice a TV van alongside the back of The Crystal Beach Hotel or Inn at Crystal Beach, whatever, can't remember the exact name.  So I parked and went into their lobby, faking like I was interested in their restaurant and looking for a take-out menu.  (As if anyone would've cared that I was looking for the Weather Channel's setup.....)

And yup, there it was/is.  Right on the back veranda, right on the beach, just the way it appears on camera (TV camera, that is.)

So here are your photos, of course minus Stephanie Abrams, Mike Bettes and the whole crew, because it was about 4PM and they shoot their live show from before dawn until 11AM.  (Wonder where they stay?  Hmmmmm....)

(Click photos to enlarge)
My "clue" that they were here (but I saw it from behind, not this angle)

And there it sits, just like on TV!

Seen from the beach where they did the "sand angels."

Outside eating area next to the veranda

Scenes of the City

Here are some outstanding scenes of my city, Chicago.