Saturday, March 13, 2010

Problem - Solution

Reading is good, right?  We should encourage a love of reading with our children and read all kinds of materials, shouldn't we? 

I began my love affair with reading as a very young girl and relished my weekly library trips, returning loaded down with volumes of fiction.  I still remember tackling A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, thinking it the thickest novel ever and finishing it by reading half an hour every night before I had to have "lights out" during high school.  In my adult years, I devoured psychology books and non-fiction.  Now I find almost anything and everything I am interested in reading at my fingertips.....the internet!  (And still get my fiction from the library or bookstore.)

The only downside I can think of about loving reading is that I could read all day long, inside, never seeing a single soul and become a hermit.  And for someone who loves the company of people, that's a big downside.

So when I get into those "reading mood" days now, this is what I do:

Click to enlarge:

And it's really quite nice outside, too:

So while I can enjoy my reading, I can still feel almost outdoors and also strike up conversations with other coffee shop patrons, hence, my "people-fix" at the same time.  I can head home after an afternoon at Starbuck's, feeling I've been out in the world, a part of the human race, and satisfied.

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