Friday, November 13, 2009

A Beach Day

After having spent almost two hours figuring out how to get my PIN number for the city condo so I could pay out of state and online my second installment of property taxes (oh, joy) I had an uneventful, but nice day nonetheless.

Being the sole "in-between lunch and dinner" diner at Landry's on Hwy. 98, I had all the conversation I could want with the 19 year-old server, learning how he moved down here in January to be with his girlfriend, lived with her for a short time before breaking up, then moved into an apartment with a female co-worker (27) on a purely platonic level and how she cleans the place and he fixes stuff, including her car.  Now why can't I find a roommate like that?!  Ah, the younger generation.............

Afterward, a drive along the beach enticed me to park (scads of free parking here versus St. Pete/Clearwater and being off-season now...) and plop down my beach chair 10 feet from the waves.  Although it was 70, the coolish breeze from the Gulf had me (in capris and a short-sleeved shirt) shivering after a short while.  But I hung in there until sunset, a more tame-ish ball of orange sinking below the horizon than previous sunsets I've witnessed.  Also found a cute and jumpin' (live music) seafood place that I made a note of for a future dinner.  (Click, click, click on the photos to really see them...)

Two kids surfing the water's edge...

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