Sunday, November 15, 2009

Can I Get an Amen?!

I'm missing my Sunday brunch-and-worship at my home church back in the Prairie State.  I don't frequent the auditorium, seated shoulder-to-shoulder amongst the possible 6,000 other attendees, but have come to enjoy watching the service on the big-screen projections inside the dining area.  This way I can give thanks to God for my daily bread in His house instead of mine.  :)

I do like the atmosphere of the auditorium, especially when I can gaze through the open-curtained, floor-to-ceiling windows on either side of the stage, upon the waterfalled gardens just outside.  That always gives me peace.  I just don't like being somewhat packed into the rows and sharing armrests.  I need my space.

Hence, the brunch-and-Bible preference was born.

Down here in Destin, I am looking for a substitute church.  A woman I met suggested I accompany her to Destiny Worship.  None of the local churches here compare in size to Willow Creek, but the service format of Destiny was somewhat similar (young adults singing with mikes and guitars to start....some prayers....a pretty contemporary message).  Too many Bible verses (reminiscent of my Missouri Synod Lutheran upbringing) and no big-screen televisions though.  Lots of worshippers raising their arms upward and dancing....yes, dancing.  And some congregation shout-outs and lots of emotional pleas from the preacher.

So I guess I'd describe it as "Willow-with-a-Can-I-Get-an-Amen".   Which was actually kind of interesting.

One of my favorite churches in Europe (so far).....Augustinian Monastery Church in Mainz, Germany
(clicking to enlarge still doesn't do the paintings justice)

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