Friday, November 20, 2009

Funky Florida

I know, I know, my last three posts have been "heavy-duty" and not real "fun". 

So, I've decided that whenever I get the urge to run around warning those I love about things I read, and thus usually effecting the opposite reaction that I'm hoping for (annoyance, fear, whatever...instead of concern and thanks for the heads-up) I'll just plunk them into my blog (oh, you lucky readers, you).  Get the mothering urge out here and move on.

We need something more lighthearted now.

So enjoy these shots of what I call "Funky Florida" --- the places and sites left over from what reminds me of 1950's Florida, whether they are that old or not!  (click photos to enlarge)

I think someone actually lived in this, as there was an ancient yellow jeep parked by it and bags of clothing inside the back door!

Oh yeah.  Baby alligators.  Lots of em.

A rare albino alligator...yep, alive....don't get me started on animal cruelty....actually, if memory serves, and it usually doesn't anymore, I think the curator told me that albinos are attacked and killed in the wild, so they were, in effect, protecting it here...just locked in that tank doesn't seem real humane to me.

Inside Fudpucker's restaurant (which has the alligators).  The beer can collection on the wall spreads all over the restaurant!

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