Sunday, November 8, 2009


When TWC positions Stephanie Abrams and Jim Cantore an hour away from me in Pensacola and another reporter right in Destin, that has me concerned.   Just saw that on TV.

Not that I'm worried for my life or anything like that, as so far, Ida is only a Cateogry 2....but the tornadoes that could spin off from Ida will be in the northeast quadrant, which is where I am.....and #1, I don't want to risk damage to my car from flying objects (I have no garage here) and #2, I don't want to sit around in the dark with no TV or radio and no one to talk to in case of power outages.

So, I'm thinking of throwing the laptop and some clothes into the Silver Solara and heading six hours up to Atlanta to stay with my son and family till this blows through.

Will decide after tuning into TWC at 6AM tomorrow.  Stay tuned.  (Nice start to my winter stay here, huh?)

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