Monday, November 9, 2009

The Worst Averted?

Talked to several people today (at the gas station, in a restaurant, on the beach watching the wild waves and surfers) and consensus is that there's not much to worry about with Ida here.  Rain and wind gusts, yes, but probably no car damage and probably no power outages. 

The bulk of Ida is hitting Mobile, AL and Pensacola, FL.  And although Pensacola isn't so far from here, I guess because Ida isn't real big, we'll miss most of it.

So we'll see through the night, when she makes landfall in the wee hours.

I did get to the beach after sundown (about 5:15PM) and snapped these.  As the Gulf is usually smooth (and the "natives" call it "the lake") waves about eight feet are substantial.  But I didn't have much luck capturing them at their height (click to enlarge):

Having slept only five hours last night, arising to catch Ida's progress and decide whether to stay or leave, I'm fading.  Time for a movie in bed.....that is until I fall asleep in ten minutes.

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