Friday, December 4, 2009

Unsung Heroes

Little notes written to encourage someone to keep their chin up, to remind them that God hasn't forgotten them.  And neither have you.

Long, boring hours beside a hospital bed, holding the hand and whispering into the ear of a dying grandmother who may not even know you're in the room.

An hour-long, nonsensical Barbie adventure with your four-year-old (complete with your own falsetto voices) even though you were just fifty pages away from tying up the loose ends of a good mystery novel.

Great people in God's eyes are the ones...who are willing to be faithful when it doesn't show, humble when it doesn't profit, and unafraid to say no to their own self-will...

They will know the joy of sharing a kind word, the pleasure of buying someone a cup of coffee.  They will come to know quicker than the rest of us what life is all about.  Life is in the little things.

(Reprinted from The One Minute Bible)

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