Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Half of the Weekend Goal

You are probably wondering where the heck is my review and photo of the Carrot and Red Pepper Soup I vowed I'd make this past weekend.

Uh, well, um...............mostly still in the cookbook.

But hold on!  I did (for the first time ever) roast the red peppers in the broiler!  Hey now, that's a biggie for me.  (Rub skins with canola oil, place in broiler, turning until skins are blackened, put into glass bowl and cover tightly with foil to "steam" and after 20 minutes, peel off skins and scrape out seeds.)

That's as far as I got.  Because you see, I need to go get soy milk.  And I hate going to the grocery store.

So the red peppers are wrapped in the fridge, waiting for me to do that.

Then I'll make the soup.

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