Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Weekend Goal

It has been a while since I mentioned the Carrot and Red Pepper Soup I was going to make.  I think my red peppers are a little wrinkly in the crisper.  I'm afraid to look.  But since they are to be roasted until black and then peeled, I'll still use them.


Some time this weekend.  I promise.  And I'll photograph it and give you a review. 

I need this shortterm (really shortterm) goal to get me back to cooking again.  (How on earth did Julie Powell cook Julia Child's recipes so often -- not really daily -- I've read her blog -- on top of working fulltime?  I was dead on my feet at the end of a teaching day.  My poor son -- my ravioli-out-of-a-can son -- can attest to that.)  But then, she gave herself a deadline, too.  A year to work through the recipes. 

I watch that movie over and over.  I love it.  And Meryl is going to deserve an Oscar nomination.

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