Friday, February 12, 2010

Doom and Gloom

I know I shouldn't complain about the weather this winter, as so much of the country has had it worse, with subzero temps and mountains of snow. 

But I think I'm entitled to a little grunting after I packed up the Solara, closed and arranged for monitoring of two places back home, and paid for a six month Florida rental in a place that was supposed to be in the 60's for the winter months, and 70's for fall and spring! Since November, a few weeks total of nice weather aside, it has averaged 50's (some days never getting above high 30's!) and my overall impression has been of gray or cloudy skies and rain.  Today, for example, while Mobile, Alabama gets snow and sleet (!!!) it is not expected to get above 37F here. 

Ok.  That's all you have to hear.  And to prove that I am trying to remain optimistic, here is a shot of the sunrise from yesterday (a day with some sun early on, but a high of only 47F).  And yes, this is the sunrise, not the sunset! 

(Click to enlarge)


Barbara said...

What a gorgeous photo, Barb. But the weather does sound a little dreary - honest cold winter with snow might be better, no?

Barbara (Barb) said...

The whole country (globe, in fact) has had colder-than-normal temps (with isolated unaffected areas, of course) Even a woman I correspond with in Ireland said it's been awful there. Florida has had "much colder than normal temps" according to the national weather service. But no, at least we have had no ice or snow to try to drive/walk on. We can still bundle up and go biking/walking many days. Just wish we had sun every day. With sun, I don't mind how cold it gets!