Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Weather Channel in Destin!

Wow!  I turned on TWC like I do most mornings (musta missed the news of this, though) and lo and behold there they are, Stephanie Abrams and Mike Bettes, broadcasting from the Emerald Coast! 

One of my Canadian snowbird friends, already returned to the North, emailed me asking why I didn't go down, photograph them, and put it on the blog.  Now why didn't I think of that?!

However, it's a good thing I searched the web first and found these photos, as I would never have been able to figure out what hotel or condominium deck they are shooting from....the beach goes for miles, so I could've walked myself to death searching.

So I'll just cleverly repost the photos they posted on Facebook.

(Click to enlarge photos)

Abrams and Bettes with Harbormaster Greg

Guess they went fishing the first day here...Destin does make this boast:

Bettes' grouper and Abrams' chocolate porgy (don't ask me...that's what it said on Facebook)

On Day 2, they set up before daybreak...

And start before the sun even rises....

Posing with the staff from Another Broken Egg, one of my regular breakfast places.  Guess they bring them breakfast before shooting.

Part of today's show, making snow, um, I mean sand angels.

I guess this week's show is focusing on spring at the beaches.  So we'll be seeing more of them.  Stay tuned for more.....

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