Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Drivin' Down South

Second day on the road was orange and russett and burnt sienna.  Autumn departure is ever so much better than winter.  No ice or snow or gray to contend with.  Sunny and mild and little traffic.

Driving to St. Pete/Clearwater was never as entertaining as the last leg of this drive....Hwy. 331 to Hwy. 98 takes you through, shall we say, "down home" America.  Witness the signs I made note of along the route:

Ed and Otis Lane
(really and truly...there were four houses on it)

There are no fire escapes from hell

Local eatery:
It Don't Matter Family Restaurant
(What don't matter, how it's cooked?)

Brantley, AL:  Front Porch City
(And every single house I saw had a front porch...this I found very charming)

Store sign:
Live rattlesnakes
(Um, why?)

Company sign:
(Not sure how to pronounce this or what they manufactured, but it sounded to me like either the result of a battle of the sexes or that classic lover's name, Southernized.)

Hillbilly Mall
(Hey, they said it, not me!)

And the one I liked best:
Betty's Firecracker Store -- Best Bang in Town


Anonymous said...

You are a pro!
I've never created a blog. It would be cool if everyone in the family did one.

This is too cool.

Love ya lots,

Barb said...

It would be fun to keep up with everyone's lives and get to know their thoughts in blogs, I agree! Thanks for stopping by, Kristen.

Love back,