Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Winter Haven

Ok, I've described the rental process (somewhat), my trip down, my first impressions and later ones of the unit and area, so here are photos of the inside of my winter rental.  (Click on "winter rental" preceding this sentence, if you are unfamiliar with live links.)

And notice how it doesn't look like a cave from these pictures (probably because most of the lights are on!)  Or.....wait just a minute....the walls have been painted brown, not cream as in these shots!   Well, now, that explains a lot.  (I just noticed that while looking at the photos again....duh.)

P.S.  There's a second bedroom and bath, so come on down for a free stay!  :)


Barbara said...

I think the place looks great, Barb, and I'm sure you'll become fond of it. Does it look like there might be some other nice people around? Have a great time!

nancy said...


Glad your drive went well. Your place looks very nice.Hopefully you will have alot of sun so it will be bright for you. Makes a difference when you only have windows in the front and back and not the side. But at least you are in sunny Florida and not cloudy IL.

Barb said...

Barb, there is a 2000+ member snowbird group down here that I'm looking forward to joining.
Nancy, Luckily I don't spend much time inside during the day. Since it's dark by about 5:15PM, I want to be out as much as possible biking, walking, or on the beach!
Thanks for the comments, ladies! Love hearing from you via this venue! :)

Susan said...

Hi Barb,

Your winter nest looks very nice and it's in a wonderful location! Enjoy and maybe Dave and I will see you in March:)

Barb said...

I'd look forward to it, Susan!