Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Little Ones at Our Feet

You only get them for a few years.  Ask someone who's already watched theirs grow up and leave the nest, and you'll find out in a hurry how fast the time flies.  They're eighteen, they're twenty-five, they've got children of their own, but in the mind's eye of a mom or a dad, they should still need a phone book to sit up tall at the table.

So big.  So fast.  Kind of chokes you up just thinking about it.

So now's your chance to lay the groundwork for a child God's depending on you to mold.  No matter how busy you are with the rest of your life, no matter how unaccustomed you are to talking spiritual things in front of your family, you're being counted on to model to your little girl or boy, to be the picture they get of loving authority, to be the safe place they can turn to for an honest answer, to be living evidence that all this church talk really does carry over into everyday life.

Help them learn to submit their will to yours today, so that when they're out there on their own, they'll be able to submit to God's.  (from the One Minute Bible)

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