Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Silent (Nearly) Night

Too busy being with the grandkids to photograph the grandkids, except for this one time I had them for the afternoon at the park last week, while Pat and Kate finished up some Christmas shopping.   On the drive from the park to CiCi's Pizza (where we don't eat but stay happily involved plunking tokens into prize-producing machines) they fell asleep.

Those are my headlights, as I sit debating about rousing them or letting them awaken on their own.  Problem solved when I turned off the car.  They awoke by themselves, and luckily, in good moods upon seeing we had arrived.


Pat said...

Thanks for all your help and company this past week! Man I wish I could be a kid again, what a life.

Barbara (Barb) said...

My pleasure, hon. You know you guys are my favorite people to be with!