Monday, January 4, 2010

The Living Room

Since I have nothing much today to blog about, dear reader, you will be treated to an incredibly captivating post about ..................the living room. 

(I did make it to some of the Monday activities, though not all, as planned.  Had to go find March by Geraldine Brooks for the book discussion group.  Lucky for me, I found an out-of-print hard copy for only $6 rather than shelling out $15 for the paperback!)

The latter part of the day was spent in ........................ the living room.  Emailing, buying plane tickets home for a quick 3 day trip (not that I want to go home, but I have some appointments I need to keep), trying out my new DVD, Pilates for the Injured (or something like that...for the "inflexible"...although I've always been very flexible...but the description said it was good for those who've had injuries, so I'm thinking herniated discs and whiplash count...)  In any event, I am not a pretty picture doing it.  I also spent time counting up my saturated fat, total fat, protein, fiber, cholesterol and sodium from today's culinary selections.  Yawn.

However, the sun is now setting just outside the window of (you guessed it)...........................the living room.  So although not a spectacular one tonight, it did feel heavenly to sit in the sunlight for the last hour of the day at my usual "laptop station."  (Now as I write this, the old man with the two fluffy white pooches is out there on the golf course letting them least he scoops it up....I think...hmmmm, maybe I'd better watch....he's out there in his red bathrobe every morning, too.)

And just so you don't have to try to envision the scene (the living room, silly, not the pooper-scooper) I present you with these (click to enlarge):

The Living Room

The Unremarkable Sunset

What a significant post.

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