Monday, January 4, 2010

Another Monday Morning

....but luckily, not "just another manic Monday" since I'm retired.   Ahhhh, the stressfree life.   (For those of you who aren't "there" yet, don't grumble.  Your time will come.  Allow me to bask in the freedom of retirement, because you, too, will one day.  And think of it this way:  You are ever so much younger than I!)

Actually, in a way, it will be a bit of a "manic Monday" in that I go to my health club in an hour to do my upper body workout and the treadmill, then to an aerobics class led by a volunteer in the snowbird group I joined, and after lunch, line-dancing for two hours.  But since it has been colder than normal down here, I haven't been working out on a daily basis yet.  I hope the paramedics are standing by.

Anyway, this is always the way my luck goes:  Here I am in the Panhandle instead of further south in Florida for the winter and wouldn't you know the country would be having record and near-record lows?  It's that damned Arctic air coming in.  It was actually 26 F. when I got out of bed at 6:15AM!  (Even Key West is only going to see 62 today!)  That's not what I expected when I chose to come here.

But I guess complaining is useless, as it was -9F. in Mpls. this morning and I am missing all the snow, wind chill and ice up North.  Still............

(At least it's sunny.) 

And just to give you something you might want to use now and then when life gets hard, here is an Olivia Newton John video a friend of mine just sent me:

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