Saturday, January 2, 2010

Santa and the Grandkids

Just got these photos from my daughter-in-law, and although it's a week past Christmas, thought I'd share them.

Madison with Santa

Santa brings Cayden and Madison each one present Christmas Eve (wow, has his beard grown!)  And that Santa....or.....or.....Cousin It?!
(And why has Daddy always run to CVS for something when Santa arrives?)


DAINE said...


Cute pics of your grandkids with Santa. I also read some of your blogs. VERY INTERESTING STUFF. I was so surprised by the microwave popcorn that I have eaten a ton of over the years and the canned tomatoes that I use a lot. I am not sure all is true. Remember when they said eggs and butter weren't good for you and now they are fine (just 2 examples). I also liked the pics you took of all the food - making me hungry. That tea sounded good. Will talk with you soon as Marc is due home and I need to get dinner ready. Love ya, Diane

Barbara (Barb) said...

Well, the yolk of eggs is high is cholesterol and saturated fat, but the whites are good, complete protein. But I agree that as more stuff is discovered, so much of what is preached is then reversed that it is hard to know what to believe! I guess moderation is the key.