Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sick in the Sun

Ever notice how a cold doesn't feel quite so bad when you can sit in the sun?  That was me today.

Have a bit of congestion, a cough, and general blahs.  Not so bad to keep me in bed;  in fact, one of my snowbird friends this morning suggested I sit in the sun a while to feel better.  Knowing how nice that sun feels on the face of a sniffles victim, I acquiesced.

So I packed my new mini-backpack (bought at the Goodwill for $3.99) with Benadryl and water, my phone and camera, Kleenex, hand wipes, and Discman and CD's (I know, I'm out of music IPod).

And here I sat for an hour and a half.

With my little one-webfooted friend:

Watching those who braved the 60F to feel some solar warmth on a few unexposed skin areas:

Although colors aren't as spectacular in the photos as they are in real life, the ocean was vivid green-blue.....

After a while, one of my new friends spotted me on the beach and came over with her granddaughter:

But in that cool, damp wind (10-13mph), even the sun couldn't lessen my cold symptoms, so I cancelled my happy hour with the snowbirds in favor of this:

It's only 4:38PM, but I can't keep my eyes open.  Thanks to the Benadryl.  So I think I need to nap.  Nighty night.


Patrick said...

Ahhh....I could use some time looking out on the ocean.

Barbara (Barb) said...

A few more weeks...your time will come!