Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eight Days a Week

Isn't that an old Beatles' song?

Yeah, well, I'm afraid eight days of hangin' out in the fridge is too long for my roasted peppers.  I hesitate to unwrap and even look at them.  Sad to say, it's into the garbage disposal with the roasted red peppers.  (Hey, at least I learned how to roast them.  It's not a total loss!)

See?  That's another thing about cooking.  You have to cook the dang food you bring home fairly quickly, whether you are in the mood for it or not (and by "it", I mean not only the cooking, but that particular food).  And whether your social plans allow for dinner at home or not.  I can't commit to that.  I'm a "P" on the Myers-Briggs, for gosh sakes.

Schedule?  Schedule?  We don't want no stinkin' schedule!

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