Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ta Dah!

Hold onto your hats and sit down if you are standing up......

Today we are making the long-talked-about, now nearly reknown Carrot and Red Pepper Soup (or is the official title Red Pepper and Carrot Soup?  Whatever....)

Oh, yes, after I tossed the first roasted red peppers, I went out and got more.  I stubbornly refuse to quit on the idea (and after all, I have all the other ingredients still...)  And what better time for soup than when it is uncharacteristically cold in FL and I have a virus?!  (It's been downgraded from a Category 2 Upper Respiratory Virus to just an Irritating Cough now...)

So here we have the ingredients waiting to be used:
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Yes, you are seeing correctly:  prechopped onion in a package.  I don't "do" onions myself.

And here is the second batch of red peppers roasting away:
To be continued when the final product is finished....

Ta Dah!!!
I added toasted garlic rounds...

Now for the review:    

I never realized carrots were so sweet.  I expected a tangier soup what with the balsamic vinegar, red peppers, onions, and pepper added!  It's kind of sweet.  I don't think I really like that so much.  Anyone know what I should do if I ever make it again to achieve a tangier flavor?  More onion?  Different kind of onion?  (I used white.)  More balsamic?  All of you cooks out there, I'm open to suggestions!

Oh.  And as for "slipping the charred skins off of the roasted peppers"............"slipping" my eye!  What a royal pain.  Flakes off in chunks and it takes forever.  Messy and nasty chore.

Wonder if I used store-bought roasted red peppers I could squeeze the oil out of them and save myself the roasting step?

Anyway, it's damn nutritious and low in calories and fat, that's for sure.  So I'll probably eat it afterall.

(It doesn't compare to the yummy homemade chicken soup my sweet snowbird neighbor, Julie, brought me when I was at the height of my that's a recipe I need to get!)

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