Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sailing to the Mediterranean

And by that, I mean I'm slowly experimenting with more Mediterranean dishes, as I posted what seems like a year ago.....

So I'm "sailing" there rather than "flying"....it will take some time.  But I am cooking more.  And I'm so proud of my little creation that I thought I'd share it with you. 

I now make my own version of guacamole (stop snickering over there...anything not ordered in or cooked from frozen is a step up for me.)  I'll even tell you what I put in it, although I can only estimate amounts (hey, I think that's what a real cook would say!  Wow!)

Two ripe Hass (or is it Haas?) avocados
Two packages of prechopped tomatoes (sold at the Publix, so I can't tell you how many ounces)
Maybe a sixth of a package of prechopped red onion  (ditto)
A whole lotta fresh cilantro chopped
Half a small lime's juice
Maybe a T. of cumin (might be a bit less....I just shake it in)

Mash it all together and it is so fresh and yummy!  But don't eat it with chips....just toast some pumpernickle bread and spread it on.  And you have a major healthy, what, open-face sandwich?  Snack?  Or dip some Triscuits in it.  By adding all of the chopped tomatoes, you really add volume, so the calorie count isn't bad, either.  And hey, it's the good kind of fat....monosaturated!

And it is that healthy fat that links it to my Mediterranean venture.  (What a segue!)

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