Friday, April 30, 2010

Alpharetta Greenway


"A greenway is a linear park. A greenway is about people and the land they love. It is about conservation. It is about recreation and alternative transportation. It is about environmental education. It is about connecting the quality of life Alpharetta now has with the future plan that will help maintain that quality of life. Our greenway is an investment in the future of Alpharetta that is green, with open spaces for people as well as natural areas for plants and animals."

"The Big Creek Greenway is primarily a 12-foot wide concrete path that meanders through the deciduous woods along Big Creek. The greenway offers an ideal setting for walking, jogging, inline roller blading, and biking. Dirt mountain bike trails are located on the east side of the creek 2/5 mile south of Webb Bridge Road."

From The Big Creek Greenway Trail System on the web

Ventured onto the Greenway this morning and found it to be delightful.  With all the shade and those huge trees giving off oxygen (isn't that what we learned in science class?  Don't trees suck up the carbon dioxide and give off oxygen?) I can see how the Georgia natives cope with hot, humid summers.....that and the abundance of neighborhood pools.

Clocked 18 miles on the Giant this morning.  Hillier than I like or usually ride, but for the most part, not too difficult.  And the creek runs parallel to the path, with a miniwaterfall now and then.  Two small deer crossed the path in front of me, too fast for me to stop and grab the camera, and I'm sorry to say, a black snake a little further on.

(Click photos to enlarge)

Most of the greenway is dappled shade, with a few sunny lengths.

There are bridges to go under....

and over.

A fork or two in the path to choose direction....

And some paths only for those on foot...

And guidelines to follow to preserve the greenway for years to come.

All in all, quite a nice find for someone like me who was afraid all of northeast Atlanta was going to be too hilly to make biking pleasant.  I'm happily surprised!

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