Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Almost-Daily 10 Mile Ride

Ventured back onto the Prairie Path today, Saturday, to resume my almost-daily route.  Not the best day for my after-crash ride.  It's quite busy on weekends.  A couple of times some cyclist was on my tail and left side before announcing ("Passing on your left"...c'mon riders....learn the rules of the bike path....announce as you're coming up not when you're right there.  Some didn't even announce.)  And since my collision with the woman who had no mirror on her bike nor looked over her shoulder before turning, I am very sensitive to that now.

Usually when they do that (after I jump out of my skin from the scare) I politely yell (can one "politely yell?") "Announce, please!"  Damn.  I mean someone has to teach them!

That aside, it was a pleasant ride.  Until the stretch of path with all the cracks and bumps.  Just when I was ready to let loose with some of my favorite frustration words, bam!  I'm on this section of path that is repaved and my bike is gliding like a skater on ice!   Whoa, I had no idea that in the time I was recuperating from my crash, Dundee had repaved its portion of the path!  Thank you, Dundee!

Now we just need to get Algonquin and Crystal Lake to follow suit.

Taking it easy, after 5 miles, I stopped at the Measuring Cup cafe in Dundee for breakfast.  This is a great little eatery, very popular with cyclists, especially on weekends.  They have the best scrambled egg and cheddar cheese panini!  I took my crossword book (gotta keep the mind sharp now that I'm not working), had a nice breakfast, and rode the 5 miles back.  All in all, a good morning.

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