Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baytowne Wharf II

Sadly, I have not recovered yet the dozens of photos of Christmas decorations on the houses in Sandestin that I spent about two hours one night taking from the car. 

But looking for something to blog about, I did find other photos of the little village on the resort.  It's a mile and a half walk through the property to reach from the condo I'm renting, a nicely landscaped walk past part of the golf course, over a boardwalk and past the marina and little island.  All of those I've already shown you, so here is a bit more of the village.

(Click to enlarge)

Great place for breakfast

Free weekly concerts on the square

Dining under the stars at the Marlin Grill

Cabo's Paradise Grill

Human-sized chessboard

Sushi Rocks

Your guess is as good as mine ;)


No one's riding home on this one

Smokehouse BBQ

One of the condo buildings as seen from Hammerhead's deck

Dock of Hammerhead's

One entrance to Tupelo Court
(Comedy, Jazz, Bakery, Eatery, Martini Bar, Arcade)

And those gray skies?  Yeah, we've sure had a lot of 'em this winter.  I thought Florida was the "sunshine state!"

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