Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thinking of Home

I'm finding myself thinking of my city place tonight and looking forward to warm weather back in Shytown.  (Only problem with Chicago weather is that it is six months of winter, then two weeks of spring, then hot summer...sheese!)  But even in hot summer, mornings are perfect for walking/biking and early evenings are usually comfortable again for strolling by the lake or Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park.  (And I'm usually hot when others feel fine, so don't take my word as Gospel.)

Here is some of Chicago I am dreaming about tonight....the views and neighborhood around my condo:

Close up of one of the sights I see from my condo

(Click on these to enlarge)
Navy Pier from my window
(see the lighthouse way back there?)

Close up

As night falls...

Close up

"My" beach (Ohio Street Beach) and Olive Park

Close up on a summer day

City life behind my condo building

DuSable Harbor and Columbia Yacht Club

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