Thursday, February 25, 2010

Election Night 2008 - Part One

And as long as I'm thinking of home tonight, may I say what an experience it was to witness President Obama becoming President on that November night in 2008! 

Michigan Avenue was closed off to traffic so that the public could walk/bike down to Grant Park to witness the event.  Making our way down to the park, my friend and I ran into two of my former teaching colleagues (younger than I and not yet retired) who had taken the day off to come in.  Wonder who else in the throng we knew, but didn't run into?  Stuff like that always amazes me.  Like the time I was on a cruise and would have never known another colleague was onboard, too, had it not started to sprinkle one night on deck.  Upon moving our deck chairs under cover, I literally bumped into her!  But I digress.....

Back on topic, here are photos of pre-election results and the celebration when President Obama took to the podium in the park after having been declared the winner.

(Click to enlarge)
The crowd taking the field as the gates open

I stayed in the back corner, so that I could sit on the embankment rather than stand in the field.  I also wanted to be one of the first to "escape" at the event's end!

And it begins...

Listening to the coverage on television...

CNN showing us as Barack Obama is named President!

McCain's concession/congratulatory speech

President Obama takes the stage with his wife and daughters

What an exciting night I'll never forget!  And to think that I live just a few miles from the President of the United States' Hyde Park home. 
(Part Two next...)

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